what is elimination communication?

Elimination Communication:

The Natural Alternative to Diapers

The first thing you should know:

Half the babies around the world are potty trained by 12 months (Pediatrics Magazine), yet in the United States, the average age is currently 3 years old (webMD).

The second thing you should know:

Finishing with diapers does not have to take 3 years. Elimination Communication, aka Infant Potty Training or Diaper Free Babies, is the natural alternative to diaper dependence and the dreaded toddler toilet training. You can stop changing diapers today, at any age.

And…the third thing you should know:

Elimination Communication should not be difficult to begin. Learning your baby’s elimination needs should be clear, fun, and smooth. Within a few weeks you will be in the swing of things. You can expect a certain amount of day or night dryness by 6-20 months (depending on when and how you begin).

You can do EC as little or often as you like. It fits every lifestyle. And it doesn’t have to be hard (if you know precisely where and how to begin Elimination Communication).

So, when can you start potty training your baby and begin EC?

0-18 months! The ideal starting window is 0-4 months, but you can start practicing EC (aka Infant Potty Training, Diaper-free Babies, Natural Infant Hygiene, or Early Potty Training) all the way up to 18 months. Each age requires a slightly different approach.

If your baby is over 18 months, please do not waste your time with EC (it will take forever and it isn’t age-appropriate). Toddlers developmentally need mastery. Click here for a potty training resource for toddlers over 18 months.

If you’re ready to begin EC…when should you start?

The short answer? Now. Starting is not as difficult as you might imagine. Waiting for a break in new parent craziness is like waiting for a bus in Antarctica. It may never come.

Your baby was born ready.

All you have to do is learn how to get started.