Discover the natural alternative to full-time diapers and toilet training, Elimination Communication, presented for the first time in a simplified, visual manner…

Who this Book is For

So many people hear about Elimination Communication and wonder how infant pottying could possibly work for them. Whether you’ve got 3 kids or one on the way, a full time job or 2 hired nannies, you want to continue using diapers or go completely diaper-free, you live in an apartment in NYC or on a homestead in Iowa…EC can work for you and my book will show you exactly how to do it.

Want to avoid 3 years of diaper dependence and potty training struggles? Want to begin using EC but you’re confused about how to start? Then, please read on…

About the Book & Audiobook

Go Diaper Free is more than just a book…it is a multimedia experience of exactly how to start, what to expect, and how to troubleshoot challenges along the way. Endorsed by, the Go Diaper Free book package will help you learn EC hands-on, how it’s meant to be learned! By seeing, doing, and experiencing with your 0-18 month baby. (18 months and up? Please see our quick, non-coervice potty training resource here.)

  • a vibrant 450 page digital book (200 pages of which will apply to your baby’s age, so no worries about length!), easy to search and hop around. Read your book instantly on any computer or mobile device & save trees.
  • NEWLY REVISED VERSION 2.0: includes newly separated sections for newborns, mobile babies, and young toddlers, vastly expanded Troubleshooting and Potty Pause sections, a new Building Blocks of Potty Independence section (the ONLY resource in the world that covers steps for wrapping up EC), advice for doing naked time more responsibly, reversing peeing-on-the-floor habits, and more!
  • 100s of full-color photographs, drawings, and easy-to-follow flowcharts show you exactly how to do Elimination Communication
  • Covers the most challenging areas of EC including: EC for Working Parents & Other Part-timers, Nighttime EC, EC for Late Starters (5-12 mos) & Early Start Potty Training (12+ mos), Potty Pauses, Praise, and multiple Unique Potty Situation How-to’s (while breastfeeding, in nature, in the city, or traveling).
  • NEW: 25 Video Library! – over 45 minutes of private how-to video footage
  • Tool Library A collection of downloadable tools (from learning your baby’s signals to telling your caregiver how to EC) on the exclusive GDF Members Area
  • NEW: Our Private Support Group is back! After nearly two years of an active EC community forum, we offer the archived original forum AND our new private support group (for book package owners only). Parent helping parents and Andrea’s personal advice to boot!

Click here to download a sample of the new book! (PDF version, 22 pages)

Buy the Book

When you think about it, one 2 hour “Intro to EC” class (and that’s just the introduction) costs $35 at Birthways in Berkeley…and what are diapers gonna cost you? You can begin EC today and download the book instantly. And the cost for the Go Diaper Free Book Package (includes Audiobook and Private Support) is now only $37.

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About the Bonus Materials…

  • Bonus #1: Private Support Group (live) and Forum Archives. Book package owners will receive lifetime access to our active and helpful private support group. Andrea also personally answers support issues in this group…but the advice from parents around the world is priceless!
  • Bonus #2: NEW 25 Video Library!(45 min+ total footage). Titles include:
    • What a pee/poo signal and potty looks like
    • Observation time, learning signals & timing, and cueing along with a pee/poo
    • Pottying with Papa Series
    • Pottying with a Caregiver Series
    • How to do The Quick EC Diaper for daytime or nighttime
    • City pottying; Car pottying; Nature pottying
    • and many more!
  • Bonus #3: Tool Library.Lifetime access to my Exclusive Book Owners Site where you can download & print a variety of useful tools, including:
    • fill-in-the-blank forms that will help you learn your baby’s timing & signals
    • a Guide for Caregivers that you can give to your helper after filling it in with your baby’s EC details
    • a Guide for Dads, written by my partner to encourage fathers and show them how it’s done
    • a Letter to the Daycare – a template that can be given to daycares who won’t EC baby, including special requests to help your part-time EC work better
    • and much more…
  • Bonus #4: 6 sets of instructions for low budget, DIY gear creation
  • Bonus #5: For $7 more, receive the Audiobook version if you buy the Book Package – equivalent to a 5-disc audiobook, 5 hours long and 52 easy tracks to listen to as you wish!
  • Bonus #6: Read your digital book on-the-go with any mobile device, including iPhone, iPod, iPad, and Kindle! (You can also read it easily on your computer or laptop. Plus, print whichever sections you’d like to read with your morning tea or at the playground.)

Why EC Starts Early…and why you should not wait to read this book

Elimination Communication (like breastfeeding and offering nap time) inherently starts early. Babies are born ready, born signaling, born with the desire to stay dry & hygienic (not sit in pee or poo). Conventional toilet training starts when baby shows signs of “readiness,” ranging from 18-36 months of age! You might not realize that EC can start on day one (although you can start at any age, 0-18 months)….

Most parents regret that they didn’t
learn about (or start) EC earlier

Pregnant? Read this book now and be prepared.

Have a newborn? Start EC before you both become dependent on the diaper.

Have a 5-11 month old? Start untraining baby out of those diapers today.

Have a 12+ month old? You can apply the concepts & philosophy of EC found in this book to an earlier start in conventional toilet training, too. It’s never too late to start!

Buy the Book

When you think about it, a 2 hour “Intro to EC” class (and that’s just the introduction) costs $35 at Birthways in Berkeley…and what are diapers gonna cost you? You can begin EC today because all my resources are an instant download. And the cost for the Go Diaper Free Book Package (includes Audiobook and Private Support) is now only $37.

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The Table of Contents

It’s always nice to peruse a book’s Table of Contents before purchasing it…here’s mine, below.


Who I Am 9
Who This Book Is For 10
Why I Wrote This Book Backward… 10
Helpful Icons 11
What’s New in Version 2.0 12

Chapter I: How to EC

The Basics Part 1: When Does Baby Need To Potty? 15
Breakdown of Part 1, Step 1: Observe 16
Breakdown of Part 1, Step 2: Cue 19
Common Cues 19
Breakdown of Part 1, Step 3: Notice Baby’s Signals 20
Types of Baby Signals 22
Babywearing Signals 22
Breakdown of Part 1, Step 4: Notice Baby’s Natural Timing 23
Breakdown of Part 1, Step 5: Become Aware of Generic Timing 24
Generic Timing: Common Times that Babies Need to Go 25
Breakdown of Part 1, Step 6: Notice Your Intuition 26

The Basics Part 2: How to Potty Your Baby 28
Breakdown of Part 2, Step 1: Notice It’s Potty Time 29
Breakdown of Part 2, Step 2: Acknowledge, Undress, & Go to Potty Space 30
Possible Potty Environments 31
Possible Potty Receptacles 32
Breakdown of Part 2, Step 3: Position & Cue 33
Breakdown of Part 2, Step 4: Be Patient… 34
Breakdown of Part 2, Step 5: Notice When Baby Says “I’m Finished” 36
Breakdown of Part 2, Step 6: Reflect or Say Nothing 37
Breakdown of Part 2, Step 7: Clean Up 39

The Positions & Other Photos 41
Indoor EC Positions 41
Outdoor EC Positions 51
Car Pottying Positions 57
Pottying While Breastfeeding: Soaker Pad Setup & Positions 58
Aiming the Boy Penis: Positions 62
Diaper-free Observation: Setting Up a Soaker Pad 66
Other Photos of Babies in Various Positions 69

Important Tips for ECing 74
14 Tips for Your EC Practice 74

Chapter II: Unique Potty Situation How-toʼs

Unique Potty Situations and How-toʼs 81
Pottying While Breastfeeding 81
Pottying in Nature 82
City Pottying 83
Car Pottying (Next to Parked Car) 83
Car Pottying (Inside Parked Car) 83
Cold Weather ECing 84
Nighttime EC 85
Key Points & Tips for Success 85
How to Protect Your Bed 88
Night Pottying Troubleshooting 89
If You Choose Not to Night Potty 90
How We’ve Done Our Nighttime EC Routines, Stage by Stage 90
Some Things to Remember 93
Starting EC Older: Mobile Babies (5-12 mos) & Young Toddlers (12-18 mos) 94
Ready vs. Capable 94
Sensitivity to Wetness & Instincts 95
Focus on the Successes 95
My Working Method: How to Start EC with a Mobile Older Baby or Young Toddler (ages 5-18 months) 95
33 Tips for Starting Older 95
EC for Working Parents (& Other Part-timers) 99
Tips for Maintaining a Part-time EC Practice 99
Caregivers & EC 100
Example: “A Day in the Life of a Working EC Parent” 102
How to Diaper with EC 103
Cloth Diapering Vocabulary 103
2 Cloth Diapering Methods 104
How to Pre-wash & Wash Cloth Diapers at Home 107
2 Disposable Diaper Options 108
Do I Have to Do Away With Diapers? 109
Using the Back-up as a “Tool” 109
When to Ditch the Diapers 110
Using the Diaper During a Reset 110
Doing Regular Diaper-free Time, Responsibly 111
The Bottom Line 111
The Importance of Diaper-free Time 111
Deciding Whether to Continue Offering Diaper-free Time 111
When Naked Time Becomes Counter-Productive 111
How to Continue Diaper-free Time, not Naked 112
Some Reasons to Not Keep Doing Naked Time 112
Reasons to Keep Doing Naked Time 112
How to Modify Naked Time After Its Purpose Is Served…and When Baby Becomes Mobile 112
The Building Blocks of Potty Independence 114
The History of “Don’t Focus on Completion” 114
Other Cultures Complete 115
Permission to Teach 115
EC Can Drag On… 116
Why Mastery is So Essential for Toddlers 116
Potty Pause Prevention – Giving the Tools to “Do It Myself” 116
The Building Blocks: What Can Be Taught, And When 116
When Full-on Completion is Possible 118
How to Complete the EC Process 119
Potty Independence: It’s About Baby’s Capability AND Parent’s Direction 120

Chapter III: Background & Philosophy

Defining EC 122
Baby Instincts 122
But how could one possibly know a baby needs to pee? 123
All Over the World…Except Here 123
Us Compared to 1/2 of the World 123
Many Names 124
Some Simple Definitions 124
Well, What About Conventional Toilet Training? 124
What EC is not 125
Philosophy 126
Why EC Works 126
Social Conditioning 126
Why ECing in Modern Society May Be More Difficult & Take Longer than in Tribal Community 126
A Tribal Example (Balinese) from Jean Liedloff, author of The Continuum Concept 128
The Continuum Concept, EC, & Child-centeredness 128
Vocabulary 130
15 EC Terms Defined 130
When to Begin EC 133
What “Starting Early” Can Involve 133
Do I Have to Do EC 24/7? 134
But What If My Baby Doesn’t “Ask” Me to Go? 134
A Gentle Commitment 134
What to Expect (Outcomes) 134
An Encouraging Note for Late Starters (5 months +) 135
Why Is It a Challenge to Start at 5 Months or Later? 136
Reasons Parents Don’t Start Early 136
Keys to EC 137
13 Keys for Ease & Grace 137
Benefits of EC 140
Over 25 Benefits of Doing EC 140

Chapter IV: Troubleshooting

Potty Pauses 146
Defined (Again) 146
Possible Reasons for Potty Pauses 146
How to Get Through a Potty Pause 147
An Alternative View on Potty Pauses – Just Part of the Learning Process 148
Troubleshooting 150
Our EC Has Stopped Working 150
My Younger Baby Cries Every Time I EC 150
My Older Baby Protests When I Offer a Pottytunity 151
How Do I Aim This Thing? (Boys) 151
We’re in Position & Cueing but Nothing is Happening 152
I Am SO Frustrated! How Do I Deal with My Own Frustration? 153
My Baby Refuses to Leave Playtime to Pee 154
My Child Withholds his Poop When I Take Him, or Stops Pooping and Won’t Continue 154
I’m Catching All the Poos, But Not Many of the Pees 154
How Do I Get My Baby to Stop Peeing on the Floor? 155
My Baby Will Not Sit on the Potty Any More / Long Enough to Go 156
My Child Totally Gets It ALL, but Keeps Peeing on the Floor 157
How Do I Complete EC? Or “My Child is over 18 months and I’m ready to be done!” 157
How Do I Know When to Say When? 158

Chapter V: Gear

EC Gear: Clothing & Other Great Tools 160
Clothing 160
Potties & Accessories 165
Diapers & Accessories 167
Wipes 170
Creams 171
Pads 171
Baby Carriers 172
Miscellaneous Gear 174
DIY Gear 174

Chapter VI: Resources

Resources 177
The Private Support Group 177
Books About EC 177
Books About Related Parenting Styles 178
DVDs 178
Videos 178
Websites Featuring Info on EC 179
Websites that Sell EC Gear 179
EC Forums 179
Email Lists / Groups 180
More Online Resources By Subject 180


Fill-in-the-Blank Forms 181
Fill-in-the-Blank Signs 181
Reminder Signs 181
Bonus Guides & Letters 181
Exclusive Video Library 181

Support Forum

Support Forum 182

Thank You!

Thank you! 183


References 184

As you can see, Go Diaper Free is a complete, detailed, clear collection of information that will help you with every aspect of starting and maintaining a thriving practice of Elimination Communication.

Want to see more? Here’s a peek…

Because you aren’t able to flip through the book at a bookstore (we did this on purpose because I want you to have an interactive tool, not just a textual book)….here is the downloadable free sample again:

Click here to download a sample of the new book! (PDF version, 22 pages)

Wondering “What if it doesn’t work for me”?

Many parents have the fear that EC won’t work for their particular baby. However, 50%+ of the world babies are potty independent by 12 months. It does work. For 200,000+ years it has worked! EC works because your baby is born ready!

If you don’t commit to starting or put a little up-front effort in [even just once a day], just like breastfeeding, it probably won’t work, and it certainly won’t last. But, we believe in you. Billions of parents worldwide have paved the way. Start reading the book today and give it an honest go!

And remember…potty training is inconvenient
no matter when you start. It’s your choice:
begin today or simply wait 3-4 more years…
I promise it will still be there after all that time.

Buy the Book

When you think about it, one 2 hour “Intro to EC” class (and that’s just the introduction) costs $35 at Birthways in Berkeley…and what are diapers gonna cost you? You can begin EC today. Download instantly. The cost for the Go Diaper Free Book Package (includes Audiobook and Private Support) is now only $37.

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Thanks for taking the time read all the way to the end of this page! xx Andrea, Author, Mother, DiaperFreeBaby Mentor

PS – If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with the quality of the book, you may request a refund within 5 days of your purchase (not download) date.

PPS – This is Andrea Olson’s most recent book, Go Diaper Free: A Simplified Handbook for Elimination Communication, version 2.0, which has replaced EC Simplified: Infant Potty Training Made Easy, in 2013. GDF 2.0 is the most comprehensive resource for EC available today. That coupled with Andrea and the community’s personal support, and this is seriously the only resource you will ever need. (FYI, and are now sister sites, both run by Andrea Olson, as of August 2014.) xx Andrea


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