Elimination Communication Helps You Use Less Diapers

save on diapers with elimination communication

Who the heck doesn’t want to learn how to use less diapers?

Maybe someone who enjoys throwing their money out of the window of a tall building.

Or someone who has investments in the local landfill operation.

Or the CEO of the big diaper company I won’t name.

Or someone who has an affinity for cleaning poop off of bottoms. (Weird.)

Otherwise, I think most parents pretty much want to use less diapers, yeah?

Elimination Communication can help you achieve this worthy goal.

So just how many diapers can you save yourself? Well, it depends on when you go completely diaper-free. Read more

Elimination Communication Myth #2: Babies wear diapers…it’s what they do…so why change it?

Diapers or Elimination Communication?

Research shows that indigenous babies in tropical climates have never used diapers, and even Eskimos would collect the pee and throw it out into the cold outdoors. There’s reported evidence of animal skin, moss, and other contraptions that have helped diaper babies, when necessary, for a good chunk of human history.

But, overall, babies didn’t start wearing diapers until the cloth diaper went into use in the 19th century, and disposables didn’t hit the market until 1961. They were invented to free up housewives from washing diapers and allow them to work and travel outside of the home!

So what did parents do without diapers? Well, pre-diaper, people relied on a form of Elimination Communication (though they didn’t call it that) to potty train their infants. All across the world. All across human history.

In light of how long humans have been on the Earth (humans, as they appear today, have been around for 200,000+ years) diapers have not been used for very long.

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How to Start Elimination Communication with a Newborn Baby – Part I

wide-view-of-ec-observation-observing-a-newbornStarting Elimination Communication with a newborn baby (ages 0-4 months*) consists of two stages. Try Part I for several days or up to two weeks first. Then move on to Part II once you’ve gotten familiar with your baby’s traits.

Starting Elimination Communication, Part 1 – When Does Your Baby Need to Potty?

Again, focus on Part I for a few days and wait to do the pottying (Part II) after you’ve gotten to know some key things about your baby…. Read more

Location: Should I potty my baby in the same place every time?

Elimination Communication Q+A - Should I potty my baby in the same place every time?Q: I potty my 3.5 month old all over the place. First thing in the morning she seems to need to ‘go’ at about 5am so I ‘potty’ her on the bed, leaning on me with the potty between my legs. Sometimes we’re in the lounge room, sometimes her room or the bathroom. Should I start to try and potty her in the on place (the bathroom) so she begins to recognise that as the place to ‘go’? I noticed in your book you mention that once baby can begin to move, they can communicate that the need to ‘go’ when they crawl to the ‘potty’ place. ~Sarah, Sydney Australia

A: Hey Sarah! I’m glad that you asked this question…it comes up a lot for a variety of reasons.

My advice is this: Read more

An Intro to the Potty Cozy for Elimination Communication

custom potty cozies for infant potty trainingI’ve never met a single person who actually enjoys sitting on a cold toilet seat.

Not a single one.

If you are friends with that singular, obscure person, I’d like to meet him.

(I say “him” because it couldn’t possibly be a woman. We are not that crazy.)

As for babies…multiply that cold seat aversion by 1,000,000 and you might match their reaction.

Rebellion! Struggle! Pee everywhere BUT in the potty!

Never fear. There is a solution to cold toilet seats.

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Separation anxiety: My baby will no longer sit on the potty or let me hold her over the toilet.

Elimination Communication Q+A: Separation anxiety: My baby will no longer sit on the potty or let me hold her over the toilet.Q: We used to have a guaranteed catch whenever Unya woke up in the morning or after a long nap, but now she is almost 9 months old and separation anxiety is in full swing. For the past few weeks she often gets upset if we try to put her down on the potty, and then she pees on the floor as soon as one of us picks her up.  We’ve tried holding her over the sink so that she’s not separated, but that doesn’t seem to work much better.  Any ideas on how to get the morning pee in the potty or the sink instead of on the floor (or on mommy or daddy)? ~Jeremy, Thailand

A: Hey Jeremy! Thanks for asking this question. I can, unfortunately, totally relate to this phenomenon.

Luckily, there are some things you can do to get through this without negatively affecting your EC practice. Here we go…. Read more

Clean-up: How do I clean up the poo and pee while observing a diaper-free mobile baby?

30 Days of Elimination Communication: Clean-up: How do I clean up the poo and pee while observing a diaper-free mobile baby?Q:  As a first time mom and therefore first timer at this EC stuff; can you please tell me what is the best way to clean up the pee and/or poop when you are just starting out and observing your child for his/her “signals”?
My son is almost 10 months old and we are starting very late but I’m hoping for at least a little bit of success. Thanks for the advice 🙂 ~Anonymous

A: Hey Mama! First off, congrats on starting Elimination Communication with a mobile, older baby.

It is never too late to start EC, so long as you’re still beginning prior to 18 months. (If over 18 months, see Jamie for her 7 day non-coercive program.)

When you, the parent, are ready to ditch the diapers, that age becomes the right age to start potty training your child.

Being that you’ve begun at 10 months, and in the middle of a LOT of developmental changes for dear baby, I do have some tips for cleaning up during naked and “diaper-free” observation time.

But, first, let’s cover: Read more

What is the one thing you would tell people to keep in mind when doing EC?

elimination communication - What is the one thing you would tell people to keep in mind when doing EC?Q: What is the one thing you would tell people to keep in mind when doing EC? ~Selby, Hawaii, USA @StretchExpert

A: Hey Coach Selby! Thanks so much for your very important question.

The most important thing I can share with people is this:

“When I’m focused on EC, we become disconnected. When I focus on connection, EC flows smoothly.”

I have to admit that I read something like this somewhere and adapted it for my own use.

But it rings true, doesn’t it?

In other words: Read more