How to Make an EC Potty Cozy in 10 Minutes (from an Old T-shirt) – Step by Step

elimination communication diy potty cozy step-by-stepWhen practicing Elimination Communication with your new baby, you may eventually choose to add a mini potty into the equation. You can start using one at around 6 weeks old (naturally with you holding your baby securely on it).

But…the major problem with putting a young baby on a mini potty is the plastic…it’s hard, it’s often cold, and it’s not very comfortable…for a baby.

It usually just makes your baby cry…which may lead you to believe it’s the potty that’s the problem…and stop using it altogether.

But the problem isn’t the potty. It’s the plastic.

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When EC Stops Working: How to Address an Elimination Communication “Potty Pause”


Sometimes the Older Baby Just Needs More Control

Ok. So you’re doing Elimination Communication with your baby and everything was going great for the last few weeks or months. You caught every poo and almost every pee, or the majority thereof. You may not even have studied up on infant potty training…you’ve just had such great beginner’s luck!

But now…oh my. Now. Sheesh. Your baby pees right after you take her off the potty. On the floor. She arches every time you try to put her on the mini potty.

Hello, potty pause. (Or call it a potty training strike. Because it darn near is!)

Before she happily went along with you. You were in harmony. But now…let’s just call it the opposite of harmony, and it’s gone on for several days.

You are royally frustrated (understatement?). You need help. So here it is.

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Elimination Communication Baby Photo Contest

elimination communication baby photograph contest winner

Aren’t our winners just an adorable pair!? Congrats to Becky K and son.

For those of you who are subscribers to my free Elimination Communication Tips and Tricks newsletter, you may recall an email I sent out about the photo contest…for readers only…and the results are in!

Take a look through these gorgeous examples of the joy of EC, contributed with the knowledge that they’d be shared here on my blog in order to inspire other parents around the world to explore Elimination Communication with their babies.

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The 12 Days of Piss-Miss presents Day 12, “Merry Double Piss Miss”

“I’d have to say that the funniest EC-miss story with my son, William, happened in his first week of life. I had started ECing him right from the start, and with my twin sister in town to help watch my older daughter, I tried to devote a good amount of time and energy to getting his timing and cues down.

Well, one afternoon when my husband was away with my daughter, my sister and I were alone at home with William, and it was fairly warm so I was letting him go bare-bottom.

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