How do I know when my baby’s finished peeing?

elimination communication - How do I know when my baby's finished peeing?Q:  Hi Andrea,
How do I know when my baby is finished? I mean, I am holding her from behind on the potty and I can’t see her face 🙂 Thanks, ~Amanda, CA, USA

A: Hey Amanda! It’s definitely hard to know when your baby’s done peeing if she’s facing away from you. 🙂

If you want to unravel this sometime before you transition to the mini potty, you’ll have to “tune in” on some other levels: energetically and physically.


Can you hear the pee stream at all? That could help you know when she’s done.

Try to sense if you feel her body either relax for a few moments – feel it relax and then count to 10.

You could also see if she tenses up – this could indicate that she’s ready to move on.

Additionally, if she begins to arch her back or wriggle a whole bunch, she’s likely done.


This is something you may or may not have access to, but give it a try.

Do you have a thought or intuition that she’s done?

Do you feel her “energy” shift from active to still, or still to active? From giving off energy (a buzz) to nothing, or the opposite?

Take some breaths, clear your mind, and notice if anything pops up for you.


If you think she’s done, then finish up.

She’ll either really be done or she’ll pee in her pants, in her diaper, on you, or on the floor right after.

Sure, this won’t be all that much fun for you, but a mis-guess or miscalculation is always good information.

If she really wasn’t done, that’s information. Use it to inform your process the next time, and the next, and the next. Eventually you’ll hit the right patterning!

Thanks so much for your question, Amanda!

Please leave any comments on how YOU know your baby is done peeing (if she’s not facing you). Thanks! xx Andrea

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