How to Start Elimination Communication with a Newborn Baby – Part II


Now’s the time to put into action everything you’ve just observed and learned about your baby in Part I, Learning Cues, Signals, & Timing.

Starting Elimination Communication, Part 2 – The Actual Pottying

1. Notice it’s potty time when your baby makes her signal or you know it’s time. [frame_right]Classic EC Position Holding Baby Over Little Potty[/frame_right]

2. Take your baby to potty by holding him or her in this position –>
and make your cue noise.

A Few Tips:

1. Start as early as you can (0-4 months is the first optimal window, but you can start later with success if you have good guidance).

2. Keep it low-stress.

3. Focus on building communication & trust.

4. Be gentle with your baby.

5. Learn EXACTLY how to do Elimination Communication before committing to the practice. There are many aspects of EC that seem easy enough but a few key things done wrong in the beginning can thwart your practice later on. Start Elimination Communication in an informed way here.

For More Detailed Instructions

I cover everything here in an expanded, illustrated, yet simple-to-understand format in my book, audio, and videos called EC Simplified: Infant Potty Training Made Easy. Enjoy your copy here.

Happy pottying!



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  1. pregnantone
    pregnantone says:

    Thank you for you informative posts and helpful videos.
    My husband and I were looking into this last night and your videos were the only helpful ones!
    I was thrilled to find your website today and learn more about this.
    We are looking forward to learning our babies cues from birth this fall. 🙂
    You and your baby are beautiful.

    • Andrea
      Andrea says:

      Hi Amber….Thanks so much!

      I am so happy you found out about EC so early! And I love your site chronicling your pregnancy. I look forward to hearing how your journey unfolds.

      I hope that my website can continue to provide you with instruction & inspiration. I have 32 MORE videos I’m editing to post to my Book Owners site and most will be up by the time you give birth…I hope you will find them helpful as well!

      Best wishes!

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