How to Start Elimination Communication with a Newborn Baby – Part I

wide-view-of-ec-observation-observing-a-newbornStarting Elimination Communication with a newborn baby (ages 0-4 months*) consists of two stages. Try Part I for several days or up to two weeks first. Then move on to Part II once you’ve gotten familiar with your baby’s traits.

Starting Elimination Communication, Part 1 – When Does Your Baby Need to Potty?

Again, focus on Part I for a few days and wait to do the pottying (Part II) after you’ve gotten to know some key things about your baby….

Here’s how to learn:

While observing your baby during diaper-free time, cue along with any elimination that occurs. Notice what happens right before your baby pees/poos, and when those things happen.

* If you are beginning with a baby age 5-12 months, you may need to modify a little based on your baby’s level of mobility, eating solids, and distractability (developmentally active).

To get started with Elimination Commnication & pottying your baby, click here.

NEXT: Click here for Part II – The Actual Pottying….

Happy EC journeying!



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  1. ProudPoppa
    ProudPoppa says:

    Hi Andrea,

    Your wonderful book and personal touch really helped me become an EC Poppa. While I was at Willard Park in Berkeley, there were two women who saw me EC’ing my son and they couldn’t believe it!

    They both were like, “that’s what I’m going to do when I have kids!”

  2. Alyx
    Alyx says:

    Hi Andrea!! I am not a mom yet, nor am I expecting, but I am very interested in using the EC techniques I am researching. A question that I have is what should I do when I send my baby off to the babysitter? I work fultime right now and will have to continue doing so after I become a mom. I know it will be hard enough for me to start, but what about the babysitter? What about when my baby goes to daycare? There are more children than just mine. Am I asking too much if I ask my babysitter to continue using EC while taking care of my baby? (I know EC is not used in this particular facility)

    • Andrea
      Andrea says:

      Hi Alyx! I do have some thoughts about all that, so thanks for asking. First, I recommend that you begin EC within the first 0-4 months of your baby’s life so that you can really get to know him/her on this level. Then, transitioning to teaching it to your babysitter will be easier. With my book is a Guide for Caregivers that you can download, print out, and fill in…then give to a babysitter, and demonstrate how to EC for him/her. IF your babysitter (and this includes daycare) isn’t interested in ECing, or won’t, in my book I also outline a very detailed list of other times that you can potty your baby…then during the ‘babysitting hours,’ if baby doesn’t get pottied, it won’t throw your baby off!

      Also, I drafted a Letter to Daycare that contains these two points (for daycares who have a disposable diaper policy and who likely will NOT EC your baby): 1. please change my baby’s diaper every __ hour(s) (I suggest every 1 hour, if young, every 2 hours if older) – claiming diaper rash history; and 2. please bring my baby to potty when you offer the older children (toddlers + up) a potty break throughout the day – and show them how to potty your baby.

      Hope this helps! Please reach out if you should have further questions…as time moves on I hope to post more blog entries related to what you’re asking for!

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